Paolo Bruscky's Game-Performance
at Bronx Museum 11/3/13

The Institute helped produce Brazilian artist Paolo Bruscky's soccer performance, Game-Performance at Macomb Dams Park in the Bronx at the invitation of the Bronx Museum and Performa. Our contribution: twenty five different uniforms that would demarcate each player as a member of his/her own team. The end result was an interesting ludic situation; everyone played against each other, not quite sure what to do with themselves within this impossible competitive structure. Sometimes collaborating, sometimes individually competitive, the players played while ambling about, the overall sporting purpose that should have put them in this place dissolved. One of the more notable experiences was taking a throw in: one would stand scanning the field for a strategy of where to throw the ball, but in vain. Any throw would instantly result in the loss of possession. Bruscky's performance ultimately adds complexity to the sport-life metaphor by adding even more uncertainty, questioning whether we can ever really play games at all, or are we destined to wander, and ultimately be forced to reckon with ourselves and our lives as an infinite series of unclear encounters.

Bronx Museum