Tallinn, Estonia, 8.2009

The Institute organized a new sport, Break a Leg, at Culture Factory Polymer’ annual summer festival in August 2009. The sport was inspired by Russian military first aid posters found in the storage room of the art collective, as well as the general environment of lax personal injury laws in Estonia. Players competed to throw a ball into goals fabricated from factory detritus, each goal with different point values depending on their corresponding difficulty. Each team consisted of one person on foot, and one person on a mini bicycle. Only the player on a bicycle could score points. The court was constructed in a niche of the large factory, once a famous toy manufacturer in the Soviet Union. Amisdt the large party, players competed on a concrete floor, with drunken spectators sitting courtside in old Russian bus seats. The reward for winning the game, and not actually breaking a limb: a warm shot of vodka.