Bronx Museum: Play, Game, Network project


For the past two school years, The Institute has consulted with the Bronx Museum on the Game section of its Play, Game, Network project, a multi-year interdisciplinary educational initiative that weaves games, art and technology into an in-school enrichment class. For the past two years we have helped create the curricula for the sixth grade Game class, an introduction into art and game design concepts through designing board games. The ten week class has been exciting and challenging as students are asked to collaborate on creating a fully functioning game by the end of our short time together. Drawing from their innate knowledge of play and games,some background on game design theory and the history of art and games, the students have created a wonderfully varied catalogue of new board games. The end of the project is a show and tell demonstration of every groups games at the Museum, a wild affair to say the least. By the end of the class, students are ready to jump into digital game design in the 7th grade component.
Designing board games in the classroom
Final event at Bronx Museum 12/14