Brutesletics is a collaborative project between the Institute for Aesthletics and the Post Neo Absurdist Anti Collective New Jersey Chapter. The project merged two participatory activities into one unholy marriage. Aesthletics and the automatic art making workshop Brute Salon both create visceral experiences with opposite means; the first with the ball and bat, the other with the pen, brush, broken accordion, spoken word, rubber chicken, and lots of paint. In Brutesletics, all of the tools were thrown together via the Wheel, a nomic device that changed the event’s course every five minutes. Most players started out in a Wiffle Hurling contest, which switched into an automatic art making session in the middle of the field, which then morphed into a new game called Handball. Two games of this and a failed attempt at Poetry ball, a new game where people could only move the ball by reading what was written on it, and even the most dedicated were physically and aesthetically exhausted. By the end of the event hours later, several hard fought games had been played, much automatic art had been made, and a once pristine lawn was turned wet and colorful.
Collaborators: Warren Fry, Olchar Lindsann, Tsubasa Berg