Dallas Museum of Art

Fall 2011

In the Fall of 2011 I worked as an educational consultant for the Dallas Museum of Art, collaborating with them on a number of projects all centered around the idea of games and art. Working with both the Center for Creative Connections and the Education Department, I got to share my own experiences working with games and competitive spectacles as art, and to collaborate to build new programs for the museum. At C3, I worked with Shelagh Jessop to organize two game design workshops within their late night public programming. Working with Shannon Karol, I taught a workshop for museum docents on incorporating games into educational tours, and based in the subsequent interest in the topic, created a games council where educational docents meet regularly to work on new games for tours. I also worked with Melissa Nelson to develop a three week DMA sport design curriculum for the Thriving Minds after school program. Finally, I worked with Nicole Stutzman to teach a game design workshop to art teachers from the Dallas Independent School District, and to teach a three day sport design worksop at Booker T. Washington High School of the Performing Arts. Aside from the inherent fun involved in all of the projects, my mini residency in the education department was an extremely rewarding and educational experience for me (and hopefully everyone else!)

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