Dancing and Drinking go hand in hand with each other, yet they are always separated on the dance floor. The Drinking and Dancing competition merges these two harmonious activities into one competitive event- dancing while drinking a drink. In order to score well, you need to coordinate your beverage with your dance, your partner, your music, and your liver. Stronger drinks get more points with the judges, just make sure you can make it through all the rounds! There are two competitions, an open floor competition and a knockout tournament. In each competition, pairs team up each with a cocktail in hand to woo the judges with their dancing and drinking skills. In each round, each dancer may select their own beverage as long as it is alcoholic. In the open floor competition, contestants all dance to the same music, in the knockout tournament, dancers dance to their own preselected music and routines. At the end of the night two final drunken pairs emerge as drinking and dancing champions.
There have been seven Drinking and Dancing Competitions in four different countries; International competition is heating up after a particularly festive event in Moldova. Next step: world championships.