Kumu Esleetika

Kumu National Museum of Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia, Fall, 2014

In cooperation with the department of education at Kumu, the National Museum of Estonia, the Institute devised a game-based art education program for 180 Russian and Estonian speaking school children funded by an EU Integration grant. We ran a four session class with six different schools, starting with school visits and continuing into three museum visits, where they participated in a series of game based activities that encouraged collaboration, museum exploration, and mutual understanding. The Institute designed two sessions that created drawing exercises using the element of chance through dice rolling as an artistic constraint. The culminating session had pairs of students creating grid drawings using dice to determine different drawing constraints. The project was a success; aside from make a trove of clever and beautiful studies and drawings, the students collaborated seamlessly. With just the slightest tinge of competition, the participants quickly bonded together to pursue their artistic tasks with enthusiasm. There is great promise to continue this work in other integration frameworks.
Students start out in pairs to complete
several drawing assignments
The drawing assignments become more collaborative
and physical
Final drawings: a 30 square grid where each square
was made using a different constraint

Documentary on the project (In Estonian)