Bowling Green Park, NY, NY 7.2008

2008 was the 275th anniversary of the founding of Bowling Green Park in Lower Manhattan, the first official park in the United States and the first officially sanctioned sporting ground in the United States. The 1733 charter from the Common Council stated that the park be a “delight to the inhabitants of the city” and that it contain a “bowling green and walks therein”. In celebration of this anniversary the Institute for Aesthletics returned Bowling Green Park back to its original use by organizing free lawn bowling for the general public on Wednesday July 9th, 2009. A competitive match was organized between four groups of eminent Revolutionary personages, and the duo of King George and Benedict Arnold took the crown, beating Cornwallis and Wolfe in the semis and Paul Revere and Nathan Hale in the final.

Lawn Bowling at Bowling Green from Aesthletics on Vimeo.