Mercury is a new sport where the rules of the game change throughout the contest. Starting as football, the game transforms via the Shifter, a device that may make a team field several goalies, make people run backwards, or replace the football with a ping pong ball. The game was developed to counter the continuing specialization of sports and sports training, which turn athletic participation into rote exercises of repetition. By creating a game where the ruleset continually varies, the emphasis on training will potentially shift to a more general nature rather than on specifics. The first game at the Igfest 2008 Game Festival in Bristol, UK turned out to be extremely fun and challenging, as A.C. Pedalto faced the local favorites, Stoke’s Croft Nuthuggers. In the end, a brilliantly composed Haiku left the Nuthuggers scrambling to catch up in the second half, and A.C. Pedalto pulled out a narrow victory. Subsequent games were played on the Lithuania tv show Artothlon , and the Japanese tv show New York Wave.