Chisinau, Moldova, 9.2013

Aesthletics was in residence with the Oberliht Young Artists association from August 26th-October 14th,2013. Over the course of six weeks, I participated in a wide range of activities and projects somewhat related (sometimes not at all) to sport and public space. At the same time I made a series of interviews with top Moldovan officials which will be published in an art book in December, 2013.

Photographs of Sport and Play in Moldova

As part of a publication on contemporary sport culture in Moldova, I made a series of photographs of sport and play related sites.

Chisinau Circus Performance w/ Karl Hallberg

On September 18th, 2013, a small troupe of performers reanimated the Chisinau Circus, Moldova's amazing Soviet era circus building that has lay dormant for almost ten years. Their costumes were inspired by the amazing murals on the inner ring of the building, and on the relief sculpture in the hallways.


Collaboration with Studio Basar

As part of an intervention at a local park, I organized several games for children with Studio Basar, an architecture collective from Bucharest. The first game was a free form croquet game made from broom mallets from the central market. The second was a reworking of a Belgian game called Wolf and Hares, also made with sandbags from the central market