As part of its mission to expand the culture of inventive and creative sports, the Institute organizes the invention of new sports as art performance. Unlike play testing, where a game is played in order to refine it for further use, these new games are performed raw, their unformed game structure visible for people to build onto or manipulate. The purpose of the events is to further abstract the competitive element of sport by opening every rule up to interpretation and modification. Often the games end up not working very well, and completely new games must be invented on the fly by all of the players. Thus the emphasis shifts from competitive ritual, to collaborative invention. Another possibility is that these games represent the Institute’s indolent approach to game design, and are justified afterwards as conceptual experiments. You decide.

  Hockey Ice Golf: Art Shanties Festival, 2011
  Hippodrome: Culture Factory Polymer Festival, 2010
  Cops and Robbers: Homebase III, 2008
  Sniper: Rutgers University, 2007
  Rings of Life: Conflux Festival 2008