Opener is a new sport where players attempt to score by throwing a ball through the hoops of their fellow teammates. Teams of five compete on a horizontal pitch, passing the ball with their hands or body and trying to score once they’ve reached their end zone. Players can take four steps with the ball until they must pass to a teammate. Opener was developed in response to the frequent and annoying trips to Prospect Park with large, weighty wiffle hurling goals. The idea was to create a large field sport where all of the equipment could be carried by one person. Since the Institute already had dozens of bicycle helmets from Bosch on Ice, the obvious solution was to attach a goal to them. Hula hoops, cheap and light, came up quickly as the goal, however, it turned out that hula hoops are hard to acquire out of season. Yes, there is a hula hoop season. It is in the spring, which makes perfect sense; stores stock up on hula hoops in March, then sell them out during the warm months. In September, however, stores that do have them only have one or two, and do not reorder until after the winter. So if, perchance, it is the fall, and you need to quickly and cheaply acquire twenty hula hoops, you are going to have to go to every friggin 99 cent store in South Brooklyn. Then there is the problem of how to attach them. Duct tape was the solution of course. The great part of this project: it was filmed by Japanese Televsion for their show New York Wave. The entire Aesthletics process was captured on tape, from initial concept to the first game.

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The Making of Opener on NHK TV from Aesthletics on Vimeo.

Opener from Aesthletics on Vimeo.