Brooklyn, NY 2009

After reading about Wiffle Hurling in the New York Times, Japanese National TV producer Miho Sakai approached us about shooting a full-length episode of their TV series New York Wave about Aesthletics. The one catch: she wanted the show to revolve around the creation of an entirely new sport. Having just got back from an insane experience on a Lithuanian Reality TV show, Tom quickly got to work and was filmed during the entire process of inventing a new sport from scratch. With no room for error, as the game had to be ready within two weeks, Tom designed a new sport called Opener based on a previous idea of having goals on people’s heads. After play testing and creating some neo-Scottish Highland cum Japanese game show uniforms from cheap women’s apparel, the game was ready for the air. Collecting a coterie of the Institute’s comrades, we played the first game in Prospect Park Brooklyn in front of NHK cameras in September 2009. Not only did the game turn out to be really fun, it prompted another appearance on Japanese TV, this time a live playing of the game on Good Morning Japan in 2010. Opener has since been played at numerous games festivals including the Come Out and Play Festival in New York City and the W00T festival in Copen-hagen, Denmark where it was written about as a feature game review from Kill Screen Magazine.

Kill Screen Article

The Making of Opener on NHK TV from Aesthletics on Vimeo.