Provincetown, MA 2011

Imaginary Windmills was a collaborative performance between Justin Shull, Chris Manzione and I during the Provincetown Eco Art festival in April 2011. Using Chris’ skills of augmented reality, we devised a game to be played partially in the virtual world, and chose the theme of the wind farm, as it has been a controversial topic on the Cape for the past several years. Specifically, the Kennedys were known to have opposed the building of a wind farm off of the coast as it would have disturbed their ocean view. This particularly reprehensible case of N.I.M.B.Y. prompted the idea of reviving another very famous wind mill antagonist, the great Don Quixote. Of course Don is fighting “virtual” dragons who are actually windmills; in this game, Quixote characters would be fighting virtual windmills that actually do not exist, except in the realm of the iPhone. A test was done in Prospect Park the week before the event, and everything went swimmingly. Unfortunately in the week between the play test and the festival, the software company that makes the AR platform decided to come out w a new version that was full of bugs. So when we got up to Provincetown, the key AR element did not work at all. What to do? We made an impromptu Conquistador performance in Provincetown, parading through the village and staging a wind fighting event on the beach were the virtual windmills were supposed to be. Still not creatively satisfied, we made a short movie in homage to Luis Bunuel’s classic surrealist film Simon Del Desierto, which is way too boring to upload, but involves lots of walking and an appearance at a drag karaoke bar by conquistadors.

UPDATE- Finally uploaded the movie, Estas Botas, onto YouTube- see below pictures

Test for La Mancha 2.0 from Aesthletics on Vimeo.