Teaching sport invention is integral to the mission of Aesthletics. We like to promote our sports and our sport culture, but we really like to promote the idea of inventing new sports and new sport culture. We must embrace the improvisation and expressivity of a sport culture that is in constant flux. This is how we make sport more socially progressive and powerful.

We teach five year olds. We teach teenagers. We teach senior citizens. It doesn't matter, everyone enjoys playing. When approached from the right perspective, our seemingly innocent, fun activities turn educational very quickly. There is nothing like a great physical and mental challenge to spur creativity, learning and collaboration. Not to mention, they can be a great workout; it's not called Aesthletics for nothing.

Cologne Media University two day sport design workshop
Dallas Museum of Art game worshop for Dallas area art teachers
Saint Ann's School first grade workshop on game invention
Lancashire County Council game design workshop for youth workers
Elizabeth Morrow kindergarten new games workshop